Television is the most popular entertainment source in the world. There are 4 billion people who watch TV regularly and an average American spend 5 hours daily in front of TV. Despite the fact, most of the entertainment is coming from Internet and the Computer; TV is still ranked best in the list. It has some features like great viewing experience and easy access that these entertainment sources lack. So Google built a platform which gives the best of TV and web also. With the help of web, you can get access to the internet.

Now the TV is not just for watching movies and soaps but you can do several things with the help of web like you can view photo slide show, play games and listen to number of music channels. You will have the best TV experience with Google TV; you can navigate to any web page or application while watching TV. You just have to type the name of the program and you will be there, for example you want to see a current YouTube video just type the name of the video and you will be there to watch the video.  If you are more interested in browsing then just open the Google TV home page on your big 54 inch TV screen and do whatever you want. Like Android and Google chrome, Google TV is also open source and they are planning to launch the Google TV SDK and web API. If they do so, developers can built several rich applications and share them with Google. They can build several TV applications and Google is also collaborate with Sony, Logitech and Intel to make it compatible with TV and they also help Google TV to put inside TV. Google is very excited to share best TV and web experience with consumers, developers and entire TV users.

Google is interested in collaborating with more TV partners like Tuner, NBA, Pandora and Amazon. The contents providers are overwhelmed to see new viewing modules available on Google TV and now they provide million of channels from every country. The Google TV set top box which is internet enabled will be a great innovation in new TV experience. Right now service providers can not use entire programming from Google TV but in near future we can see more from Google TV. The new Google TV set top boxes will be available on Best Buy sore worldwide. If you want to see hoe it will look; you can navigate to Google and watch the interesting video. With more TV partners the Google TV will be more interesting and will have a nice viewing experience.

Every one is looking forward to this Google’s new innovation and it is looking very impressive. It is going to capture the set top box market as the Google is famous for reliability and innovative products.