Google has recently mentioned in their published article, proposed by FTC, to prevent harm to Journalism. Google in their message stated that business problems can be reduced through solutions in business only.

According to the FTC document, the controversy is specifically in print media and it stated further that there is no sure case where there will be innovation of new online business models, which can help in original journalism. It is further highlighted that there are multiple processing solutions for the policy.

Multiple Processing Solutions

  • Decreasing the quantity of search engines and gathering the fair use of rights for the media content.
  • Making an anti-trust exemption that enables the newspaper to build pay wall cartels. It may charge aggregators and search engines, which inherits their content.

Google informed that releasing of these proposals will not meet consumer satisfaction. Moreover, Google refuses the underlying premise in a way that the journalism will not be able to withstand without the Government support. The data proves that publishers are not yet involved in exploring their ability to fascinate users and keep them busy with some online benefits.

It is obvious that Google has tremendous financial margins for restricting any new aspect of online news and media capturing. If there is strong point that goes in favor of government associated Journalism, we are yet to come across it.

Google Journalism

Google, in their official blog stated that they accept Internet as a good medium to accept new challenges and create new opportunities for many publishers. Google sincerely maintains this approach with publishers for getting business solutions in the manner that Journalism can spread and grown vigorously through online networks. They are positive and sure about the industry’s future growth and news. The company does not want to accept multiple policy acceptances in the staff discussion draft. This will create hindrance to one’s free expression of their own views and ideas. It may also change their professional methods.

The company positively accepts the FTC’s engagement with this issue and their continuous support to provide focus on how the news publishers can go ahead with high amount of success in the digital world. The company is supposed has come up with the idea that their comments will lead to growth and the policy makers will provide efficient modification and creativity, rather than obstacles for the protectionist.

The main reason that the newspapers are suffering from this problem is very similar to that of the record companies seen in earlier years when the iTunes provided avenues for error detection.

A knowledgeable person in web marketing can easily earn good money if they could get original content. Ultimately, the newspapers are also in same position, but they don’t get the assets because they are not yet accustomed with changes in payment for the contents of the news line articles.

Google made a clear outline that journalism can only explore and grow if they get the help from Government. It may be in terms of financial support or promoting the publishers in their areas by providing the desired and required materials without any obstacles.