The search Giant Google has decided to purchase Advertising technology company Invite Media for an undisclosed amount. It is a New York based technology company that developed a system for Real-time bidding on display Ad-space. Basically, it serves as a stage that allows and assists advertisers buy Ad-space from sellers across multiple ad exchangers in real time and all in one dashboard. What serves as a good news is that Google is expected to maintain Invite as a standalone unit which will work with its AdX and similar exchanges.

Benefits of Advertising platform

As Google did not engage itself in buying the piece of Web display ad puzzle, it is advantageous for it to buy invite. The real time bidding allows advertisers and agencies to craft their bids on a impression basis at the time of bidding on websites whose ad space is available through and Ad exchange.

According to the vice president of product management at Google, Neal Mohan, ‘Real time bidding technology serves as an important part of this eco-system. He believes that it enables advertisers to shape their bids on an ‘impression’ basis, based on their own data while bidding on websites that allow the availability of ad space through advertising exchange. The exchanges that allow Real time bidding to all or some of its buyers includes Double click Ad exchange couple with plenty of other exchange platforms.

For instance, by the use of Real time bidding, a seller who is planning to run a display Ad campaign for shoe sale can bid $ 5 CPM, for ad impressions on a specific news based website. However, it specifies that it will bid $ 10 CPM( Cost per 1000 impressions) and show an ad for running shoes, if it knows that browser has browsed through the athletics part of the website before. The details of an Ad impressions are passed to the retailer’s bidding platform in Real time by the exchange and the auction takes into account the retailers increased bid.

Invite Media & Display Advertising

Invite Media lets ad space to be brought after multiple exchanges and platforms with its clients in control of where their ad dollars are spent. Among the exchanges that enable Real time buying is Double click which has been purchased by Google in 2007. The plan would be to incorporate of Invite with Double click for Advertisers (DFA) for those clienteles who intend to use the ad-serving and ad-buying technologies side by side. Now the question arises how Invite fits with Double Click Ad Exchange? It has been taken into consideration that just as Invite Media perform across multiple exchanges it changes nothing about the operation of the Ad-exchange. Rather it continues to offer exactly the same open and impartial access to ad space for multiple buyers, API accessibility and partner support.

In a conclusion, it can be asserted that the integration of innovative Invite Media’s technology will help DFA’s client to simply buy and space across several Ad exchanges, as a part of running their broader display Ad campaigns.