A wonderful application of Google is the Google buzz. This is a social networking website where you can type what is on your mind, add videos and add some links too. You may choose which internet social networking site you want to be linked to, so that you can be followed. Google Buzz can be found at Google Mail or Gmail.

Google Buzz Application

The Google buzz application is a far cry from the blogspot offered by Google. Although they are linked together, the difference is that blogspot is an online diary that is composed of blogs and articles. It can be used as an alternative website by everyone. Google Buzz has limited characters and is like some social networking sites specifically Twitter and Facebook. You can follow anyone who uses Google Buzz through your email contacts or if you link it to a Twitter account.

Google buzz was created to compete with other social networking sites and is frequently called the firehose. Yet, it has a link to those sites too.  This was revealed on Monday on Google’s official blog. The total number of the people using this application was not revealed.

If still not familiar with Google buzz, here is an instruction where you can find and activate it. First, on the address bar you may type, http://mail.google.com or go to the website of Google then on the icon, click Gmail. Gmail webpage will appear. If you have an account, skip the first step and just log in. second, click on “create new account” button. Sign up and fill out the boxes. Then, click ‘I accept create my account’. At the left portion, you will see Google Buzz just below the inbox.  Click it and edit your name. A window will appear, click ‘save profile’ and continue. Just like any social network, Google Buzz has a space provided to type the thoughts you have.

Connect With Other Social Websites

If you want to link it to other social website, click the’ choose sites to connect’ link. Then choose from the many sites there. Unlike any other social networking site, Google buzz is just half on their way to be popular. The reason was, Google is yet to fix their application and make it as big as other network sites by using API.

Twitter was said to be successful because of using API. Thus, Google and Yahoo are building this concept to turn on a firehose –a social networking site. What is good about this is, you can view your personal email and attach some big files unlike the other social networks. Voice and Video chat have already been made available by Google by downloading the voice and video application on Google. This is another difference of Google buzz to other social networking sites.

Google is said to be one of the most well known companies in building communication and research. Its Google buzz application is useful too as you do not need to go and log into another website. You can use the network and at the same time look at your email. However, only limited people are using the Google mail. People go to what is trendy. So, watch out. As soon as the API of the Google Buzz is enhanced, there might been a flood of users that there will be a healthy competition.