Even as the competition deepens between Google and Apple over Operating systems and new applications being launched by both the parties, it looks like the days ahead feels of a little collaboration between the two giants.

Market Strategy

Reports suggest that Google has been in talks with most of the big music labels about opening up a song downloading store which runs exclusively on the new Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS). To further this line of thought, Google has even spoken to its big competitor Apple. Apple’s iTunes makes for the most popular music service so far. Google too has, hence, decided to take a dip into the $4.2 billion profits earned by this one service. At the moment, Apple’s iTunes has over 70% of the market share when it comes to music download services. Nowhere close to it, is Amazon the second most widely used service for music downloads, claming only 12 percent of the total market share. In such a scenario, it is evident for Google to rope in Apple’s iTunes for its new Android marketplace. The chief architect of Google’s Android and former Apple engineer is known to have been the one responsible for this conciliation.

Launched in 2008, Android has recently proved to be one of the major competitors of Apple, with most of the devices launched these days choosing the Android OS over Apple’s iOS. It is expected that the talks between the two competitors will bear fruit by the end of this year and the music download store will soon start appearing within the search and photos options on Google.

Android Market

The new Android Marketplace is expected to assist users with download of songs they wish for. In addition, the service will also help the users to stream DRM-free music on their desktops to other android devices. Even as the industry eagerly awaits this new idea of Google download music service, experts are predicting that only Apple can match the deal with Google.

Google has chosen precisely the right time to get into the digital music sector. With technology finding its way into every household, digital music industry is seeing an increase of 12 percent every year. With the launch of Google’s service, searching and downloading of the music will be made much easier.

A combination of Google’s searchable expertise and iTune’s wide music stores, the collaboration is sure to work wonders with the users. Not only will this help make music on iTunes more discoverable, it will even ease the process of downloading the same.

Google has been known to be involved into music earlier with its launch of “OneBox” last year. However, with this, Google was only the medium for searching music, while the music results were all linked to the sites actually providing the song. With this application, Google did not take any cuts or revenues for itself. However, with two of its competitors like MySpace and Apple acquiring Google’s partners – iMeem and Lala – Google got into thinking of launching its own music application.

Now it is simply a matter of waiting and time before a new music service provider comes into the market!