Google Chrome is an ultra fast web browser which has changed the way Internet is used. The reason behind it is that it is very fast. Google Chrome takes a space of around 80 MB. The other features which make Google Chrome a very fast, versatile and stylish browser is because of its design. It just changes the way you browse Internet. With its multi-window feature, it is possible to pin the last nine opened web pages just when you open a new tab.

There are 100s of themes which can be selected according to your preferences. Now you are your own trend setter for the interface of the web browser. New Google Chrome 10 is 60 percent faster than its earlier version. If you have used the earlier one you would know how you are able to browse your favorite webpage. It is just amazing to see your web pages before you within seconds.

There is a tip on power conservation when it is used in full screen mode. It conserves around 80 % energy. As a result you are going to get better performance. With its new introductory feature slide show mode you are able to view slide shows online without any glitches. It is all smooth and offers web browsing in a convenient way. This way you can view all the 15 slides one after another. One more thing that adds value to this web browser is that all the setting tabs are opened in a way like if they were web pages. It gives a different look as compared to the conventional way it looks in other web browsers. So if you want to enhance your web browsing experience just switch over to Google Chrome 10.

With the application store on the default tab you can open it whenever you want to view that. For example there are applications related to GPS and maps and games. You just have to click on it and access several useful applications.