Google Chrome version 10 is available for the public and version 11 is now available for developers. On top of the list of new features in Google Chrome is JavaScript along with the “Crankshaft” version of the new V8 JavaScript Engine. JavaScript is used for a number of web-based applications such as Google Docs. Crankshaft is capable of enhancing by sixty five percent the performance of the V8 benchmark suite of Google. It uses adaptive compilation, identifying important code and optimizing that code as required.

Google Chrome offers data encryption through its password management utility. The design of Google Chrome is based on the WebKit layout engine and application framework. The bowser now incorporates the SandBox technology. It prevents your computer from getting infected from malware and other security threats. The browsers comes with new add-ons, themes, personas and settings, so that you customize it according to your requirements and preferences.

Existing users of Google Chrome automatically get updated to the new version as and when Google Chrome is accessed after the launch of the new version. Google Chrome can be regarded as one of the most user friendly, advanced and secure browsers that are now available. Other popular web browsers include, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.