One can hardly name anything that has been authored by Google and has a lot of short comings in it. Though, there is nothing perfect in the world today but Google certainly authors programs and applications that are fairly close to perfection. Google Chrome, the browser is part of the same product line up that has brought a revolution in the world of Computers. You can have a number of benefits out of the browser. It is perhaps the lightest of the browsers that gives you tremendous online experience.

Chrome’s New Feature

Google Chrome has introduced a latest feature in the browser that sets an automatic Adobe Flash plug-in when the plug in is out of date. The upcoming version of Google Chrome will include a certain technology that will block any plug-in that is out of date and the browser will also help the user in order to get updates on the specific plug-in. Officials from Google certainly did not come up with any news about the time that this project is going to take but they expect it to arrive in the online market in a couple of months. This news was officially published through the Chrome Blog.

A Secure Browsing experience

The browser will also cater secure experience in the browsing according to which the user is going to come up with warnings about any plug-in that has been used infrequently alarming them about plug-ins that might create disturbances. There have been plug-ins that were used up in the past for the online experiences but the online World Wide Web is a completely different experience today therefore the browser is going to make sure that you get a safe experience out of the web with all the latest features being used up.

There might be a number of users around the online world who would not welcome this thing for one reason or another but the feature is certainly for their safe experience and Google Chrome is going to warn you before taking action. You can opt to terminate the automatic proposed action by your browser and continue with your experience if you find the plug-in safe enough. The browser will certainly come up with warnings for the suspicious content.

The browser is already offering a number of safety features with respect to the plug-ins and the best of which is the disabling of individual plug-ins that are not trusted plug-ins that are on the list of trusted domains. The automatic update for Adobe Flash player is one of the many features that it renders. Chrome also lets you have an access to the PDF files without the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader through the internet plug-in.

This is a distinct feature offered by Chrome. Firefox does let you know about the vulnerability that any plug-in could possibly cause but does not guides you or auto updates you with the latest updates with respect to the said plug-in. They plan to come up with this feature in the next build of Mozilla Firefox though.