An Internet browser plays a very important role in performing daily computing tasks. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Google Chrome is fast, reliable and very easy to use. It was launched as a beta version for the Microsoft Windows operating system on 2nd September 2008, and the browser was made available to the users on 11th December 2008. Now, the latest version of Google Chrome is version 10, which is now easily available to the users through the Internet.

The previous versions of Chrome were not capable of providing good speed. But now, this new version of Google Chrome enhances the speed with a 66 percent enhancement in JavaScript performance via its V8 benchmark. This will help in running web applications faster in the browser. It will also help you to do better search as now it is the fastest web browser than any other browser.

It has also extended its sandboxing technology to the inbuilt Flash Player. The sandbox isolates the running code from the rest of the operating system so that it has no right to use the critical processes or data, and prevents it from either deliberately or non deliberately doing any harm to the programs or the system. Google Chrome already uses sandboxing for HTML rendering and JavaScript execution. Adobe and Google has the integrated Flash Player plug-in, so now you do not need to download any other Flash Player plug-in. The first step after opening the browser is the update which adds a new interface to the Google Chrome and creates a tab rather than a pop-up menu. There would be a search box on the interface that will provide results as you type and provide direct links for future reference, which a user can use with ease.

These new features that have been included in this new version of Google Chrome are very useful and would definitely make a user feel more comfortable while browsing and don’t have to search continuously to find a way to import the settings, bookmarks or to change or remove the browser’s home page

Now a user also has the option of syncing their passwords from one computer to another. Users often want a better security feature, so for a better security reason, there is an option to encrypt the passwords with your own secret pass phrase. To enable this feature, navigate to the “Personal Stuff” section in Google Chrome’s settings options (or just type ‘sync’ in the settings search box). Syncing also applies to bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes, and more. Hence it is one of the most trustworthy browsers which a user can use for surfing the Internet.