Google Chrome has had security flaws since day one, and it has been the center of heavy criticism, since time immemorial. Despite several impressive functionalities, the security levels in Google Chrome have never been too convincing, and it has never been admired by the internet users and critics as a safe browser. Far off, there have been too many bugs reported by the users off-late, and the version isn’t simply a competitive version of a modern browser. An updated version of Chrome had been long due; but, finally it looks like Google has realized the need of the hour.

The Google Inc. has rolled out a course correction for the latest version of its popular browser Chrome in the past week. Apart from the minor tweaks in JavaScript, it gets rid of the current JavaScript sluggishness, and there have been several alterations in Java plug-in issues, and critical security patches have been added to the browser.

The latest version of Google Chrome was expected to be the safest version of the browser, but there were many bugs in this version, and it was found to be relatively slower too (in comparison to The version was discovered to be using wrong path for Sun’s Java plug-in version 6 update, and this was adversely affecting the performance of those apps that required the Java Version 6 update. Therefore, Google decided to correct all the existing faults, and release the latest version, which will ensure cross-origin bypass in Google URL.

2 Critical Bugs Reported By Users: Google Rewards $1000 & $500

Moreover, memory corruption in font handling and HTML5 handling will also be taken care of, as well. But, guess what, Google did not find these issues during their test run, but apparently, the bugs were reported by someone outside Google.

Google awarded $1,000 and $500 as a part of Google’s ongoing security bug-finding contest to report the errors; these rewards were given to two users, who apparently brought these security bugs to Google’s notice.

With so much drama happening, it would have been quite possible to see some changes in the UI too; but, it looks like Google is too busy correcting their mistakes, rather than trying to improve the user experience.

Chrome is still far from being even nearly-perfect, and it has long way to go to match the caliber of Mozilla Firefox, and IE8. However, as of now, things look far better than they were, in the past. But, we’ll have to wait and watch how superior the updated version of Chrome turns out to be.

Last but definitely not the least; the browsing speed is yet another concern at the moment, but Google claims that the updated version of Chrome is considerably faster. Perhaps, it is time for yet another round of comprehensive testing of Google’s so-called masterpiece browser!