Google has decided to make a change in its browser, that is, Chrome. The H.264 codec will replace it with the open WebMate code. That choice has raised many controversies and the company explained the reasons behind the adoption of WebMate in HTML 5. Mozilla Firefox and Opera intend to use open codecs like WebMate and Ogg Theora , without H.264 support, while Safari and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) support it.

Google announced the availability of a plug-in for WebMate compatible browser, in this case Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, which presumably will not support the new standard. In fact, Google explains, the plug-in WebMate is not exactly the same as Adobe Flash, but certainly not the standard specifications of HTML. The tag video of HTML5 attribute allows the browser to the choice of codecs available for rendering video content in a transparent manner to the same HTML5. Developers can continue to achieve their compliance with the standards as a possible add-on web-based WebMate will only add capacity to the browser in the context of what is permitted by the standard. The position taken by the Mountain View giant will certainly lead to reactions from the whole industry. Apple and Microsoft could change their mind and follow it.