Google is a relatively new name in the mobile device industry. Its Android device is looking to become one of the top items in the world of smartphones. Concerns over patents are becoming more prevalent for the company though. This is something that could end up influencing how Google works with its marketing strategy for this device.

HTC, which works to create many Android smartphones, is being impacted by various patent concerns. One concern comes from how HTC is not working with getting enough patents ready so that the company can be well protected. This is something that could compromise the advancements that the company is making.

Another problem comes from a double whammy of patent concerns. Apple has recently sued HTC. This comes from how Apple is arguing that HTC is infringing upon a series of Apple patents. Microsoft is also issuing concerns over how the operating system that Android uses is infringing upon Microsoft’s patents.

Google is expected to look into finding new ways to market its device in the future. This comes from how Google is not fully willing to offer monetary support to HTC in its current battles. The company is offering its moral support though. This comes from how HTC is a major partner of Google for its Android products.

A major reason as to why the marketing processes for Google could change comes from how Google has promoted the Android as being something that is cheaper for developers to make. This is something that can work to help with making these phones cheaper. The recent suits and concerns over patents could end up getting to the point where this marketing ploy may not longer work.

The potential increase in the cost of being able to do business with Google has become a major problem as well. This comes from how the Android operating system may no longer work under the Apache 2.0 license after the dust settles. This is a free open source license that works to allow people to make their own systems.

The problem with the Apache 2.0 license in this case comes from how licensees will be responsive for any cases where patent laws are broken. This is something that can more than likely cause HTC to be the main group that will be in trouble during this entire ordeal. It could also turn off people who want to work with Android systems without risking anything to the law.

There is one thing for certain about the entire process. Google will more than likely be able to escape from this problem unscathed. This comes from how the providers of the Android technology will be the ones that will be the main targets of these cases.

The only thing that people can really do with regards to the Google Android is to stay tuned. Google may end up changing its marketing and management strategies in the near future. This will depend primarily on how the cases that it is going through will be handled.