It’s raining Android phones! Nowadays it has become impossible to choose from a device that is offering the best of the Android platform. In fact there are some many platforms, be it Droid X to Google’s Android smartphone that are offering various apps on the android that it becomes difficult to choose from.

As the Android OS is widespread through multiple platforms consumers would like to seek central information through which they access the features that Android phones have to offer.  Google has gone ahead with a project that seeks to display all the smartphone features of the Android based phones so as remove any confusion over what android phones have to offer.

On the website you can sort through various product information that is available through the listing of the manufacturers name, phone type, country and service providers. What this features enables is that, users are able to study the multiple platform of devices that have the Android OS.

You can either type in “Google phone gallery” in Google search or for your convenience you can visit that site at this address