Google said that this Friday it has leased Metaweb to make a better Google search and an improved way of exploring things on the web. Google also said that it would keep Freebase, an exposed database of 12 million things that other online companies provided. Conditions of the deal were not revealed.

Google benefits from Metaweb partnership

Google not only allows searched results, but also has competed against Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing to deliver genuine answers without requiring the user to male an extra click to go to another page where the real data is stored. Moreover, according to a post on the Google web log, with the way entities are linked to one another, users will be able to search for solutions to questions on a conversational level. For instance, they may type “actors over 40 who have won Oscar at least once” in the query box. Although some realities are easy to expose, answers to more complex questions are harder to find. This builds upon Google’s current question-and-reply system wherein users can require just some simple questions such as “how old is Barack Obama?” and get a simple answer instead of wandering around the search engine results page.

Metawebs Method of Search

Metaweb’s database currently lets in some 12 million data, which include places, noted people, companies, and movies. Questions to the Google search algorithmic program would return more related results due to the company’s technology, the company claims. Rather than using research terms, Metaweb’s formula of search works by connecting together ‘entities’ and a grand online list of information about people and places to each one, with all of which having other bits of online content (pictures, lyrics, web log posts, and so on). Once they are connected with one another, the results can now be viewed on their page.

A more “reliable” Google

The openness of Metaweb’s Freebase means that, for the first time, Google would get to rely on the data that was not collected or managed in-house. The search explorer giant said that the two companies would continue to keep Freebase open. You’ll be able to try out Metaweb’s search yourself by going to In Metaweb’s site, when a user explores for, say, a famous celebrity, rather than being hit with a wave of hit-and-miss search results, users are taken to a page that has a list information like leading roles, award nominations, misdirected forays into the music business, etc.

Contrary to Wikipedia, all the data on that page is joined to other entities. For instance, in the awarding section found on the results page, you will get links to all other actors given with the same award for that particular year and so forth.