World’s most powerful tech company, Google has announced some cutting edge modification in their document and spreadsheet preparing tool ‘Google Docs’. Google is looking for a huge market of their document saving tool as it is far behind Microsoft. So that every time Google is taking a new way to boost up the image of Google Docs with new features and interfaces. This time Google added new interface and collaborated features with the older version which will be available when one opens the page.

About Google Doc

Google Docs is an online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and data storage service which is product of search engine giant, Google. The online data sheet and word processor allows the users to modify, edit or create document live with the other users. Google Docs was launched in 2005 which has high modification till to date.

What are the New Features Available?

The main feature of Google Docs is that it’s the best online data and word processor in the market. The online support of Google Docs will be also valid for all new features that are added recently. Google Docs has come across with a new interface along with some other lucrative features. Users were able to preview these upgrades, which included completely group chat, real-time collaboration tools, and completely redesigned editors for documents, spreadsheets, and drawings. These features will be available online by default once someone opens the document page. In fact the data which are saved in the older version, they can transform into the newer version format. This will enable the users to use more eye catching interfaces and very comfortable features.

Google’s view and Microsoft

Google is looking for the new market and new users of Google Docs. In fact Google Docs is less popular than Microsoft Office, the Document processing Tool of Microsoft. The new product of Microsoft ‘Office Web Document’, an online based document processor would be huge competitor of Google Docs. In this context Google has taken the step of modification and update which will be by default available online.

To be competent in the long run Google Docs started to provide data storage opportunity to users from the month of January of this year, where users will be allowed to store up to 1 GB for free and will get $0.25/GB space for their data. Actually along with this feature Google is updating and upgrading their Google Docs profile every time to successfully dominate the online word processor market as like other sectors of virtual world.

Google claims their product as the fastest online word processor in the market where users get a chance to chat online and can fix anything instant.

“Google Docs will be holding the major market share within 2011”- was projected by an IT expert in last year. This prediction is going to be true very soon; at least their effort seem so!