In a bid to enhance the service provided by Google to its customers, Google has introduced new features and a few changes to its Docs office and productivity suite. Google Docs is a tool for creating spreadsheets, presentations etc live online. With the new features that have been introduced such as group chats, redesigned editor tools, real time collaboration tools, drawings etc, using of Google Docs will become more fun and productive for the users. Announced about two months back, Google Docs new version is now widely available for all to access. For all those wondering about their documents created using the older version of Docs, do not worry. They will keep working in the older format itself. Work is on to soon shift these older interface documents into the new version of Docs. However, all the documents you make from now on will be using the new interface or the new version of Google Docs.

The timing of the launch of the new version of Google Docs is just right, what with Microsoft launching Office Web Apps, an interface working on lines very similar to that of Google Docs, thus including a text editor/word processor, presentation developer and spreadsheet editor. Nevertheless, with the new features, Google should be the one ahead in the league.

New Features of Google Docs

Some of the new features incorporated and introduced in Google Docs are mentioned below.

Improved Sharing options

Users can now chose from private, public on web and link only options when it comes to sharing the documents online. While all documents will be termed as “private” on a default basis, the users can then decide which kind of viewership to opt for.

Faster co-editing options

On the lines of Google Wave, Google Docs too will be supporting co-editing options, hence offering a much faster access and better formatting to all the documents. In this new feature, up to 50 people can work simultaneously on a document, integrating through the instant messaging feature. Thus, several people can see what they are all working on within the document. Thus, Google docs has introduced speed and enhanced performance within this new desktop environment.

A few other features in the new Google Docs include real-time spell check, commenting within the margin and ability to float images anywhere within the document.

The spreadsheet feature within the new Docs allows the users the option of drag-and-drop columns, formula editing bar and auto-completion.

One of the best additions to the features of new Google Docs happens to be its drawing feature. Within this feature, user may edit, download, copy and paste the drawings and images into the document.

Concerns about Google Docs

Google Docs is comprehensively an excellent platform when it comes to the desktop environment. However, ipad users will not be able to avail the new Google Docs as they are using the same interface as used by Docs. However, other applications using Android interface or blackberry and iphone with ability to view Google docs will continue to enjoy the features added and supported by Google Docs.