Google Earth is now a sorted after feature and the various tools that goes along with it is now used by United Kingdom and United States government to educate people about how climate changes and rise in temperature can effect the very near future if adequate measures are not taken. The UK government launched a Google Earth tool that layer a model on how the earth would be with the rise in universal temperate by at least four degrees; meanwhile Californian government in the US is working on designing a tool to work with Google Earth to educate the community on the effects of climate change.

Four Degree Celsius layer

United Kingdom’s Foreign office (FCO) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) developed and released a free downloaded interactive visual map layer called the ‘Four Degrees Celsius’ to work on Google Earth, on 15th July 2010.  The layer details on how the earth’s rise in temperature by just four degree Celsius (seven degree Fahrenheit) over and above the pre-industrial worldwide climate average, can have a dramatic effect.  The series of recent events like drought and flood due to rise is sea level and disruption in agricultural production, as repeatedly being warned by politicians and scientists, highlights possible instability and violence quite imminent to hit many parts of the world.  The new layer is a step by the UK government to show both to its residents and around the world, the impacts on earth climate if carbon emissions are not curbed. The layer as advocated by the chief climate change consultant at the MET office, Kristy Lewis, says the tool’s illustrations are not just predictions but plausible near future impacts that the world could be facing soon. The layer shows what will happen in the event of temperature rise due to forest fires, marine life, permafrost, water availability; and jobs related to it as well as things like crops and sea level rise, as well are parts of the world which will be worst hit with extreme rise in temperatures.


CalAdapt is a Google Earth tool, expecting to be launched in September 2010, by the Californian government. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger together with the California Natural Resources Agency announced late last year a Google earth tool, which will be educating the Californian community using visual aids on steps to take and effects of misuse and the impacts on their lives with climate change.

Google Earth a visual aid tool

The free Google’s program has captivated many not just planning a short walk within the city and calculating the distance, and see possible shortcuts. It is been now a forefront tool by governments to use as visual educating aid for teaching and informing the global community.

It is important and easy to communicate important factors like temperature rise and climate change by using Google Earth as a source of visual aid provider. If you do not have a Google earth installed on your computer, YouTube still have videos of the new tools used by both UK and US government’s for you to understand the impacts.