Of late, Google Earth has been updating itself with the new 3D version images of all the major cities in the world. This interesting and highly informational geographical location system recently announced their new addition, the city of Seville in Spain.

Google Earth in Spain

After having recreated the 3D images of Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid, Google Earth has now included the beautiful city of Seville into its new digitally recreated 3D family. This artistic and highly cultural city is considered as the country’s financial capital for the southern state and hence is one of the major cities of Spain. Using the Google Earth’s 3D version, you can literally have a walk through the renowned architectural buildings such as Torre del Oro, Plaza de Espana or even the La Real Maestranza. Well, you can also fly over the beautiful city and later, visit some of its major attractions.

Seville is the fourth Spanish city to have been selected for Google’s 3D project, which hence makes it quite clear that the country is full of passionate volunteers. The city can now be viewed in three dimensions in both, Google Earth and in Google Map’s Earth View. The announcement came from Isabel Salazar, Google’s Product Marketing Team for Spain. In the announcement, Salazar expressed country’s pride and pleasure in having Seville involved into Google’s 3D project. Salazar also mentioned that tourists can now take a virtual tour of the beautiful city and its symbolic buildings which range from the artistic Roman Empire based buildings and through its contemporary architectural Calatrava bridges. Visitors can enjoy their virtual visit to this Andalusian capital without having to suffer its summer heat. All they are required to do is just search the application in Google and then enter the name of the city. With this, you can easily start your virtual tour of the city. However, you should ensure to that the 3D layer of buildings and other architectural builds is enabled. Enabling this feature will allow you to see the architectural buildings being created in their places.

Other Alternatives

As an alternate option, you can also search for Google Maps and then enter Seville, Spain as the city name. Now activate the Earth View for the city. If the Google Earth plugin is already installed in your computer then you can directly have a look at the 3D view of the city. However, if the plugin is not yet installed in your computer, you should first have it installed and then enjoy the 3D view of the ancient city. Apart from the Seville, some of the other major cities that were digitally recreated in Google Earth in the recent times includes, Dortmund, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, Stockholm, Venice, Rotterdam, Berlin and also Stuttgart.

The team of Google Earth actively encourages all its users, the governments and their volunteers to help this high tech geographical location system complete their 3D project. Google Earth dreams of including all the major cities into its realistic 3D project, thus giving the users a better realistic view of the entire world.