Something which had not change for decades was the image search page of google. But recently google has changed the page completely and has made it a really smart page if compared to the previous one. On searching for any image in the old google image search, it resulted in showing few images in thumbnails view along with the location, size, and other information of the image. We have then to click on next page to browse the other images. In the new page Google displays around 1000 images all closely tiled on page. When we open the image search page, it now only results in images and nothing else. You will see only images and images all closely packed with each other. There is no meta data or image details. The page shows around 1 thousand images in one go and so the size of the page has grown, but this does not affect the loading time of the page because this intelligently designed page works good on slow connections also. Page does not wait for the entire content to load, but it starts showing the details of every loaded picture when we hover the mouse over them.

Images are listed by priority and their relevance and so you do not need to wait for the entire page to load but can hover the mouse over the already loaded images to see their details. When we hover the mouse over any image in the search results the image gets magnified and we can see a better size image. Some images also display the other information like their original location and size etc along with this magnified image. On clicking any image it does not take you go to the originating page but opens the image in a block in front on the screen. This block has a close button to it and behind the block we can see the dimmed web page which actually hosts the image. When we close this block the dimmed webpage becomes active and we can see the original page which has that image. Though the Google image results page has grown in size but it doesn’t affect the users productivity. Scrolling is possible even if the entire page has not loaded and we can scroll through the loaded images. As of now google has not launched this new face of its search on all the browsers but it slowly doing the transition after getting the feedback and responses by the users who are getting this page.

Currently only Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.0 and above and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are able to view the new Google Image search. All the other browsers are still operating on the old style of image search. Google definitely has given a lot of thought and is also keeping a close eye on what the competitors are doing. Bing also has a similar kind of image search in it. Microsoft has also started its new advertisement concept called as image ads and is hoping a good revenue with this.