Many of the new settings have been introduced by Google for the Google Docs, which is the software used for creating as well as editing the documents over the internet. This is used to making it easy for the control of the distribution of the files so that it should be done to the right people in any organization or the group of people.

Sharing the documents had always been a signature feature of the service of the Docs which is based on the cloud, which ties greatly with the increasing interest in the deployment of the collaborative technologies that are done in the enterprise. But while Google has been making the noticeable strides for the sake of attracting the bigger companies as well as the organizations for its applications, there remains the privacy and the security concerns related to the cloud based or for the applications of the software as a service.

Features in Google Doc

This new feature has the setting of “private” which allows the users for designating the files of Docs which could be accessible only to those people or the group of people which are being invited in the explicit manner. One other kind of setting is the “people at your organization with a link” which would allow the users for making the files of Docs to be available to any user which is a part of the domain of the company and who only knows the URL of the file. If you select the option of “allows anyone to edit” then those same users would be given the access to this particular URL for editing the files. They would also have the facility to copy and paste the link of the file into the email messages, chats or into the calendar invitations.

“People at your organization can find and access” is considered to be the broadest of all the settings that are a part of the Google Docs. This would mean that the files of Doc would be indexed with the help of the search of the Google Docs and might be opened by any person who is a part of the organization.

The users will also be able to make the file “public on the web” and this could be done by the users only if the administrator of the Google apps of the company allows them to share these documents with the outside world which is not part of the organization.

Gavin Haslam is the IT manager of the business services company called the Rentokil Initial. He has said in one statement on the Enterprise blog of Google that this new sharing setting would definitely make for the users to share the information throughout the organization. It would also allow them to save great amounts of the time when they would be rolled out across 35,000 of the users that are on the Google Apps.

Options for visibility

One new feature is the option of visibility, which would allow the users to view the complete list of the editors as well as the viewers who are authorized by the organization.