Season of Google Executives Joining Facebook

It seems that currently there is a season going on of Google executives joining Facebook. Matthew Papakipos, who is a key person in developing Chrome, is joining Facebook as engineering director. He added “As WebGL and Chrome Operating System are performing well; the time has come to do something new so I am joining Facebook.”

The Recent Trend

In his 3 year term at Google, Papakipos worked on Open Web Platform for Chrome, WebGL and GPU hardware project used for the web. Papakipos also worked for Nvidia and PeakStream previously.

Papakipos wrote in his résumé,” I have made compound computer systems. I’ve discovered and untested large number of software and hardware algorithms for answering practical problems. I designed systems which are original, yet sensible.” He further added, “I prefer solving problems which seem not possible to most of people like making programmable graphics chips or making browser applications as quick as usual native apps or making web applications which make use of graphics hardware or making new operating system.”

Another top Google executive Erick Tseng, who also gone to Facebook, as head of Mobile products at Facebook. In recent times, Facebook also included Jocelyn Goldfein, who was previously general manager and VP of desktop business unit in VMware. The company also hired Marne Levine who previously was VP of Global Public Policy for National Economic Council at Washington, D.C.

Another Google employee Eliot Schrage has joined Facebook, who was working as Vice President for public affairs and global communications. Schrage will work as new Vice President of public policy and communications in Facebook. He joins some other previous Googlers at Facebook, with Sheryl Sandberg, who also joined Facebook as their new COO, leaving Google’s job as Vive President for global online operations and sales.

Sandberg is amongst the few top executives who leaved Google including George Reyes, who was a chief financial officer and who announced the retirement in August last year.

Google’s Position

The company has experienced numerous defections amongst engineers, senior managers and vice presidents in recent times because its size has distended to over 16,000 workers. Most employees, who attached before company’s 2004 public offering, have seen the original funding of stock options completely vested.

Sandberg’s selection happens as competition among Facebook and Google exaggerates. These two companies are emerging swiftly and find some of the top engineering ability of Silicon Valley.

Additionally, Google battled wrathfully for some of the advertising business of Facebook last year but lost against Microsoft.

Google’s Strategies against Facebook

Google also has mixed success to its social network projects, consequently publicized that it was going to introduce an association of different social networks to encourage third party developers to make programs which continue on their sites. The association, which includes primary social network MySpace, was supposed to contradict Facebook’s rising popularity amongst software developers.

Google’s personal social networking site, Orkut, is much admired in Brazil as well as other countries apart from the United States. Still Google’s ambitions about social networking go further than Orkut, and company has started allowing its users to make use of Google’s various services like blog reading, mapping, etc to share all the actions with friends.