It was only recently that Frontier Communications Corp. filed patent charges against the world’s biggest online search engine, Google, Inc. Frontier sued Google for infringing a certain new patent that is intended for telephone services. Some reports have stated that Google has violated existing patent rights with a list of products, namely, the famous Google Voice system.

Frontier contended in the Delaware federal court, as the company is based in Connecticut, particularly in Stamford. According to the statements made by the attorneys of the plaintiff, Google deliberately infringed the patent of Frontier’s technology and further reiterated that Google has largely inflicted irreparable damage to Frontier.

Google decided to purchase Global IP Solutions Holding AB, which happens to be the maker of videoconferencing, as well as voice, software for around sixty eight million. Working in collaboration, they were able to help the public expand Internet audio and video capabilities.

This is why Andre Pederson, Google’s assigned spokesperson has blatantly stated that the claims Frontier has been making are completely without merit. Hiring their own set of lawyers, Google plans to fight Frontier’s charges vigorously.

Ever since the court battle again, Google, despite being the largest search engine on the Internet today, as evidenced by having a total revenue of nearly twenty four billion dollars last year, experienced a fall of approximately three dollars to around four hundred eighty six dollars in the Nasdaq Stock Market trading. Basically, the search giant’s stocks declined twenty two percent in this year.

Moreover, Frontier, with last year’s total revenue of around two billion dollars fell seventeen cents, and is now only nearly eight dollars in the New York Stock Exchange. Conclusively, the company dropped nearly two percent this year.

The reason why both companies are risking it all with these suits is because of the technology involved. Reports say that Google has claimed patent rights for providing its users with only one phone number that connects their work, home, and cellular phones. This feature happens to be Google Voice’s core feature.

Actually, this one-number feature is not entirely new to both Frontier and Google. In fact, some phone companies have already offered relatively similar features to particular businesses through phone products such as Centrex, starting the 60’s era. And, today, Frontier Communications Corp. filed their lawsuit against Google merely hours after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office finally issued Frontier’s requested patent.

It seems that Frontier will be the one taking the risks in this uphill battle since the said company’s request for the patent from the year 2007 actually comes a couple of years after the predecessor of Google Voice, GrandCentral launched similar services in the year 2005. It was Google that acquired GrandCentral in 2007 and gave it a new brand name of Google Voice. This means that GrandCentral has initially offered the exact same one-number-for-all feature that Frontier is presently complaining about, two years before Frontier even applied for the said patent.

It looks like the attorneys hired by Frontier Communications Corp. need to acquaint themselves with the principles and concepts involved with first-to-invent as well as prior art.