Google is on its way to boost up performance and give their die-hard fans a good search experience. With a wider range of information and a better way to organize and group them, indeed Google has gone far way better.

Just recently, reports have said that Google purchased a search engine booster to add up on their program and acquire for a wider range of database. This is about the latest purchase of the Metaweb.

What is Metaweb?

Metaweb is a free and open database that aims to go beyond the limit of a normally chaotic organization of search results. It aids on the organization and accurate giving of data involving on results from search engine. Although you may say that there are large data that shares the same keyword and coincides but with different meaning, this search web will help you lower down the choices and classify them into their different similar groups.

These groups are referred by them as “entity”.

What is entity?

Imagine a box that contains the same classification like persons, places or like movies for entertainment. When searching for keyword, it might mean of someone or something.

But with entity to the rescue, this keywords could be narrowed down to a more specific results until it will came up to what you are exactly looking for.

Compared to other search engines that are using words as their main source of getting results from searches, the entity is much more specific and more organize to deal with.

This is how the Metaweb works on its program, through entity grouping. And for this basis, Google chose this to upgrade their search engine and go for a more meaningful search results.

Google on search engines

Google, being one of the major search engines with so many competitors, still able to maintain its high standard and unique style of approach despite tough competitions.

One of its competitors Bing entertainment from Microsoft Corporation have also undergone into much upgrades and programming for search engine boost up. Although with different platforms of approach to function well as search engines, they are still a potential rival for the search engine industry.

In this connection, Google has to move forward for the better in order to compete and gain some edge from the rival. And for that, the Metaweb is its edge weapon towards victory.

Google on social networks

Although Google hasn’t made its move towards social networking, rumors have taken their first action about the coming of the “Google Me” – a social networking site created by the company itself.

It has been said that the purchasing of the Metaweb is the Google’s next move towards embracing the social industry, thus, competing to the popular social network Facebook.

Metaweb is also a good source for improving your personal site because of its collaborative process online.

Furthermore, the action of having the Metaweb and investing money to social gaming Zynga are much evidence from Google towards speculations of having a plan to involve in social network marketing.