It was a red letter day for Google in China literally because of the renewal of the license of the company in China. Google needs the license to operate in China because the country has a very huge population and so it will contribute to a large market for the company. Google has faced many hurdles in many respects because of the popularity of many sites that are involved in social networking and these sites have also started adding applications and features that are competing against Google.

In this scenario, the license for Google is a great fillip for the company that can operate in China and so it will have a huge potential to grow. Since the developing nations are yet to fully use the potential of the internet and because of the fact that these economies are rapidly developing, Google China is very excited about the future prospects of Google in the country.

Google China was on the verge of being closed after various problems between the company and the authorities of the country. Initially, the company did not accept the Chinese authorities demand to avoid uncensored search results. As Google was told to censor the search results, the company was not for it and the two were headed for a clash where the company could have left the country.

As the war of words reached a peak, Google started rerouting all the searched from the mainland of China to the Hong Kong branch and so the rerouted searches did not bother the Chinese officials. As time went by, the authorities realized as to what was happening and this made the authorities to come at loggerheads with the company officials. This second drama made the officials of Google to backtrack and they created a unique page for Google China.

Now, the company has started making users to double click on the search engine to be rerouted to the site in Hong Kong. This has placated the government authorities in the country. Though the users are rerouted to the site in Hong Kong, the fact that it is not an automatic rerouting, but takes some time for the rerouting has made both the government and Google to save their face. The government is happy that Google is not able to reroute automatically and Google is happy that though there needs to be a double click for the users to be transferred to its site in Hong Kong, it has not censored their use.

As each side is happy with the result, the company has had its license for the Internet Content Provision renewed. This is a great achievement and a positive development for the company as well as the millions of users in China who would have had their hands literally tied if Google had to exit China.

This is possibly the end of a saga where the two warring sides were not ready to give in because of not wanting to lose face. As both sides seem victorious in the end, the actual victory is for the millions of users who use the site for their search needs.