Adventurous people may find it a wonderful experience to order food from a menu that is in a language they do not understand, in the course of a foreign trip. However, for cautious and conscious people this may be a grueling experience just because they do not know the language. However, if you have a camera mobile (android 1.6 version or higher) with you and an Internet connection, the leading search engine Google is out to help you on your not so lofty quest.

Google has launched its application named Google Goggle- that helps you translate text from one language to another. It launched this application a few months back but had the database to translate only German to English. Now after hard work put in by Google’s software designers, Google Goggle (the new version- 1.1) now has a database to translate German, Italian, Spanish, French, and of course English. You can translate text from any of these languages. Google is now thinking of improving the language database to include non-Latin languages as well (including Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese). All you have to do is open the application, focus on the written material that you want translated (a menu card, or signs on street or on some vehicle or practically anything which you can capture with your camera phone), and using the application’s highlighting ability (the cropping tool), crop the text you want translated and take a snap. Now, if the application is able to identify the text, what it asks is whether you want the text translated and if you click on yes, a window opens where you will be asked the language of the text and the language to which you want the text translated. When you choose, these two options and click on the proceed option, Google goggles provides you with the translated text.

Google has launched this application for conversion of texts from one language to another and are thinking about including a speech to text conversion too which may work out to be a huge hit for regular foreign travelers.

On experimentation, the Google goggle application, for translating text from one language to another, proved to be pretty much on the mark. The translation is an accurate representation of the original text. There may be few errors like misinterpretation of slang words or spelling mistakes in the original text that may lead to a different result. Nevertheless, the advantages of having such an application are immense. At the least, you would have a vague or a quite clear idea of what you are ordering in a restaurant and would not have to shout at the restaurant manager for getting you something that you thought you did not order. This application provides you with somewhat an apt translation of the text and as the old saying goes, ‘something is better than nothing’, kudos to Google for launching the new version of their translation application and helping out adventurous travelers, and seriously waiting for few more of suck remarkable applications from the ever growing software firm- GOOGLE!