There seemed to be a kind of an accusation on Google with respect to the algorithm that was running behind Google so far that was displaying search results. The question that rose was if the search result were really the credible ones or Google displays the results that get them with the better revenue. There was a quest that the algorithm be disclosed so that analyst could see the credibility of the Search result.

Google’s Response

Google came up with a quick and genuine response to the matter stating that it cannot unleash the algorithm behind the search result as this could be resulting into the heading of scammers and mischief mongers to come to the top without making use of the current techniques that enhance page rankings and search results. The disclosing of algorithm will certainly make the results suspecting of any cheat and not merit based.

The universal search technology has brought in several suspicions in the market of search engines. Before this, the search results of Google were considered to be very authentic. It was probably because of the reason that the search engine was completely independent and public considered those words to be genuine in all terms. The introduction of universal search technology brought in more products such as images, maps, products, news and other similar details in the main search result page but on the same time it made people doubted about the quality of the search.

The Aftermaths of Unveiling the Algorithms

Google has a quality justification for keeping the algorithms secret even when the company is working with all doors and opportunities “open” at every possible front. In case the algorithms are all unveiled, the best advantage will be with scammers as they will be able to place their results in the high and top slots ensuring traffic to their portals destroying the integrity and safety of the search results.

The impact of the algorithm unveiled would be no less then drastic as described by analysts around the world. Google’s algorithm defined will force Yahoo! Microsoft and to unveil their algorithms that will attract all the scammers and the information will then be used to fix their page rankings and bring them higher in the search results. Ultimately, Google will become the MySpace of search engine with scam and spam coming from all directions while Microsoft and Yahoo will be following. This will turn internet into a completely catastrophe.

Google is in the market to make revenue after all. It is a profit corporation and the control is with three men who will certainly wish to make a lot out of the company. In addition, Google is the main entrance to many people around the globe who wish to enter the internet arena. It will certainly not make any move that will affect the credibility and performance of the search engine in the market.

Google certainly needs to come up with an alternative to gain public’s confidence once again as the unleashing of the algorithm will certainly not bring any advantage to the confidence rather it is going to worsen the situation with the search results flooded with spammers and scams.