Don Dodge, a developer advocate of Google, posted on his blog an amusing story about engineers and Google. He said that Google has been driven by great engineers, that it hires only the best of the bests.

He was all praising and talking about how great the engineers are in Google. He stated that almost everyone in Google has a degree in engineering. Most department heads, managers and the like were said to be former engineers. For him, the engineering background is essential in the decision-making process of Google.

It would be great to know if the one taking out our kidney stones from our body has a background in medicine. This is the same with knowing that the one pulling off our tooth finished dentistry. But I could not fathom why every department in Google should have a person who has a degree in engineering.

Don Dodge’s article really bothered me. He compared Google and Microsoft in different aspects. Though there’s nothing bad about that, I just couldn’t help myself from thinking why the engineers in Google are praised so much. I mean, does Google really need those engineers? What good do engineers bring to Google? Can Google not operate without their engineers? Well, at least this was what Don Dodge was telling us.

I have no ill feelings against engineers. And I do respect them in great heights. However, why would Google need them in the different departments? Dodge wrote, “Engineers are at every level, starting at the top, in all kinds of positions at Google. Nearly all the top management at Google has engineering backgrounds as it involves:

  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Business development, and
  • Product management”.

This is completely absurd.

Is this really true? Does Don Dodge speak the truth about Google? I could not even imagine it. He suggested that engineers are great so they should lead every department in Google, that only engineers have the right to be the leaders of the department. He believed that the complexity of Google can only be handled by engineers alone.

Come on people, does the world need an engineer just to offer them sources when punching some keywords on the search engine? Of course not. How many engineers do Google want in case they want to change what shade of blue the head wants? Don Dodge’s article was truly something, not in a good way. Personally, I do not like it. It is full of opinions and assumptions. He kept on bragging about how great the engineers are in Google. Perhaps he’s also a former engineer. Now, that would be very classic.

This was not written to mock the world’s greatest engineers. For all I know, they could cripple my life. They could shot down my computer or never allow me to browse on the internet ever again. They could stop me from seeing the latest movie trailers on YouTube. They could probably even my hack my e-mails and read all the letters I sent to my friends and exes.