Google recently came up with another of the acquiring in the online world. It has teamed up with Omnicom Media Group in online display advertising. The Internet Giant is certainly looking forward to cash this arena and get the best out of business in the specific domain.

This deal has set Omnicom Group to buy ads worth hundreds of millions of dollars for its client through Google for the next two years. Google will in turn provide Omnicom with a global “trading desk” that is going to allow companies from around the world associated with Omnicom to display their adds using Google’s as exchange website with ease and better functionality. This will be more like an auction type system where Google is going to bind the buyer and sellers through the advertising space.

Background of the Deal

Omnicom has already been buying ads from Google’s exchange but through a different channel altogether. Google is also going to assist Omnicom to understand the performance of the ads and the ad responses through the Google analytics. This is going to generate better understanding of the company’s performance on all the fronts.

Google is actually trying to bring a new venture to create better revenue in the display ads as these ads in form of images and texts are being considered as ineffective by marketers from around the world because of the reason that hardly any visitor that visits the site tends to visit the ads

A new venture has been initiated by people from around the world in order to make the ads more attractive to people. Different companies like Google, Yahoo Inc and other similar technologies are setting ads on different sites with the same niche as that of the website. This helps attracting visitors to the site and to manage and drive better traffic towards the advertisement.

Possible Effects

The Omnicom deal is an excellent venture in a way that consumers can use the ads exchange system through which they can decide the space they want on a particular page and the payment they are going to make based on the detailed data about the visitors who visit the page. Though the partnership isn’t exclusive and does not force either of Google or Omnicom to work with any other companies in the business but it will still give them an excellent boost.

Omnicom is quite positive about the possible outcomes of the partnership as they expect to gain a lot of benefits through this venture. They even understand that their partnership with Google is going to limit their business with other advertisement providers around the online world that include Microsoft and Yahoo on the top of the list so the company intends to get the best out of the deal. This will be in the interests of Omnicom as well as the clients it has in the market.

Omnicom is working on behalf of some of the very big stakeholders in the market such as PepsiCo Inc. and Anheuser-Busch InBey NV and the deal is not going to affect anyone with this. The purchases of ads will give Google the revenue that it is after and Omnicom will certainly pay for the response its client is going to have from the successive ad unit.