Rumours have been out for a long time that Google might be having some servers hidden from the ones it uses to serve the rest of us that are not government and have no state secrets. Google has just announced the launch of its latest product aimed at easing the security fears that government’s had with its previous servers.

The company failed to meet a deadline

This comes after the company failed to meet a deadline set by the Los Angeles city government requiring that the company implements Google Apps for the government. Rather than beat the deadline, the search giant has instead launched a new rollout that it says is geared at ensuring the security concerns raised by the government over its previous versions is addressed. However, what you need to realize maybe is the fact there isn’t much difference between Google Apps for Government and its cloud based enterprise suite. Rather, what the Google Apps for Government has is a robust and improved security system. As search, Google’s servers that save up the data that the public clients use are completely shut off from those servers that save up data used by you and I and what that does is ensure that sensitive subjects or information from the government dopes not mix with other unsecured cloud.

Security Concerns

The Los Angeles government had sought better protection from the search giant due to concerns over security with its other schemes of security to safeguard important and classified government information. However, Google has continuously refused to disclose the location of this secured server that serves its public-sector clients such the government. Instead, the search giant has only revealed that the server is located somewhere in the continental United States. But again with such tight lipped information, it might be good enough for the federal government’s worries. The Search Giant’s apps suite did get it the cherished and respected Federal Information Security Management Act accreditation that is inevitable if federal government contracts are to be landed by Google in the handling of classified and very sensitive information.

Google appeases the government to win contracts

As such, Google Inc will try as much as it can to appease the government and win contracts for handling various sensitive government projects. For a long time now, Google and Microsoft have battled it out for the government’s contract for handling the General Services Administration that entails procurement and technology adoption on behalf of the various federal agencies in the US. It is a high stakes game because as history has shown, the company that bags this contract might as well be the government’s future choice most of the time, if not all the time, for its contracts. What the new guarantee from its apps suite offers Google is an enhanced position in the bidding war pitting it against Microsoft. It has guaranteed the federal government that its servers are secure and might stand a better placement thence.

This marks quite a significant turn around for the search giant.