Google held a doodle contest in the memory of the French artist Paul Cezanne who made a lot of contributions to modern art. Google dedicates its homepage to the artistry of painters. The concept of modern art changed with Cezanne’s works. This time Google is using oil paintings to be put into digital format on to the homepage. The homepage featured many artists like Norman Rockwell, Frida Kahlo de Rivera, and the 9-year old Mackenzie Melton.

The specialty in Paul Cezanne was that his work was a boiled down version of geometric shapes far from being photo realistic. A fruit bowl would look like a few spheres while trees in the garden looked like cylinders and so on. Playing with different perspective in one painting was a common thing for Cezanne. Cezanne’s fascination seems to burst with emotions on the digital canvas.
So what is doodling? It is a kind of thought up scribble which can be writing, painting or a drawing. Google has introduced this competition for its website. Over the years, this competition has made the homepage an enjoyable sight to view different types of doodles. It has become an integral part of the Google homepage and is enjoyed by one and all. There are many people who even collect these doodles. Doodles are known to be associated with Google’s homepage to celebrate events, anniversaries, birthdays and so on of different famous personalities. Incorporating changes in the corporate logo is part of fun that Google lets happen to their home page and display the talent of youngsters and interested people.
Remembering Paul Cezanne on his birthday is a kind of tribute paid by Google to publish on the homepage a new doodle for the logo. Doodle 4 Google is a contest for K-12 students and the winner’s painting is displayed as the Google homepage logo. The theme is “What I’d like to do someday.” The students can submit a drawing based on the theme. A team of famous people is part of the judge’s panel right from Whoopi Goldberg to Garfield creator Jim Davis as well as Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek.

The logo for this contest was created in painting form first and then digitized. The incorporation of a new logo on Google is part of a fun contest and this year it is a real oil painting made first and then digitized to be hosted on the homepage. This is a fun way of the company to recognize talent and commemorate celebrities on their homepage.