Recently Google affirmed that it is arranging for hosting a press conference where discussion will take place regarding forthcoming release of Android Honeycomb and also about Android ecosystem. While other manufacturers already have intimated about their forthcoming devices powered with Honeycomb at Vegas, Google is yet to furnish any sort of detailed information regarding Honeycomb itself.

This will project a comprehensive but simple experience about Android Market for users which were not intended to fulfil the limitations of the factor of mobile form. One can just take a glimpse of Android Market on one’s web browser, click new applications and view them after downloading automatically on one’s Android-based device.

Lately, provision has been made for bringing in a version of Android for big-screen devices. This is like branch of Android which can be run parallel to the version 2.x while the vital thing is that it indicates Goggle’s commitment that results in giving ISVs the necessary confidence for investing in bigger Android projects. NVIDIA and Motorola were the winners since they have been selected to extend the reference product and hardware. As soon as the XOOM is launched, one may expect for Honeycomb product announcement which will be coming in the market ithe later part of 2011.