It is a pleasure to hear the news from Google that they have launched a new interactive service and are segmenting the market. The Google Image Search is a service which is rapidly developing from the earlier service that now has around 10 billion images. In the earlier service, there were 250 million pictures.

Google Image Search Features

This drastic change by the Google fascinated many of the users working on internet. The new attributes include something that has been borrowed from Microsoft’s Bing which is a search engine tool that results in interactive Google Search.

The most attractive service by Google’s bing is the “Instant scrolling”. This facilitates the user to view the images in continuous scrolling. Earlier, it was required to view the static page which contains the thumbnail image, and we needed to click at the extreme bottom link of the page in order to see more images. However, this new service helps the user so that image can be viewed in a much simpler way.

The normal Google Image Search engine supports up to 1000 thumbnails per each page, whereas the Bing’s auto-scroll attribute has a maximum of 985 thumbnails per page. The next upgraded version of Google’s Bing service is the hover pane which comes into action when your cursor is being passed over the thumbnail. The Bing’s pane only supports image details that have a certain resolution as well as file size. On the contrary, Google shows a bigger preview of the image.

Another version, namely the “dense tiled layout” which crams maximum number of thumbnails per page is also part of the new image search that has been initiated by Google. Bing also provides this feature providing flexibility in reducing and making enlarged images.

The complete Google image search’s features are yet to work in full operation. Only few of them are presently working, but Google is planning to bring this out in the market in a few days. This enhanced image search feature will be a boon to those who use Google for this feature and are also sure to bring more people flocking to Google for their image needs.

Better Image Preview

The other upgraded version consists of the previews of larger thumbnails that are well suited for current better resolution displays. For example, we can make use of the Page Up as well as the Page down keys for scrolling the number of image pages. The most interesting thing is that when you simply click on the thumbnail, it displays a comparatively larger image size of the “landing page”. The website hosting the image has complete visibility too.

The next attractive feature of the new Google image view is for the advertising agencies that use the Google Image search. Now, advertisers are able to add the thumbnail images and this will help the people who view the Google pages to learn more about the advertiser which may increase business.

For the Google fans and those who want to search various stuffs on internet, it is good news that their searching experience will become more innovative and comparatively easy.