Software giant and cloud computing pioneer Google was dragged into a major security scandal after it was reported that Google mapped all the Wi-Fi networks in the United Kingdom. Researchers have accused Google of tapping in all this information so that it can be sold to advertisers to increase the revenues.

Google has made positive reports world wide and is also considered demigod by many people. It has ushered in high end technology by making everything searchable on the Internet through it search engine. After that Google has worked hard and ushered in innovative technologies like Google Maps, Gmail and Google Talk. In its venture of Google Maps, Google uses satellites in the space to map the areas and places all over the world. On addition to it, many other features were added like the 3D view, street view and many more. In the street view sophisticated camera technology was used, where in cameras were fitted into cars and the cars were run over each and every road of the solicited city. This feature is workable only in United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Recently Google was accused of using this sophisticated technology in United Kingdom for not only mapping the street view, in which they photographed each and every street and also compassing each and every home on the street, but also mapping the Wi-Fi networks all over the places photographed by using radio antennas and fixing the Wi-Fi spots. The analyst accused that the company would sell this collected data in large sums to advertisers who would then Spam the networks with advertisements of new connections.

While on the other hand Google was quick to rubbish all such comments and added that it was just an attempt to tarnish the reputation of the company. Google commented that they had collected information just regarding the areas and its features. And to the false accuse that they have stopped collecting data now as they have been caught red handed, Google commented that it’s not the case, but the thing is their work in Britain is over and not because of the security breach issues.

Actually the whole security breach thing was a secret until researches in Germany found that Google has collected pay load data during similar one data collection trip in their country, and Google admitted that they had mistakenly done so. This data consisted of emails, videos and everything else sent by users on unsecured wireless networks. This way Google now faces a number of law suits regarding privacy breach in the same country and a fresh petition was also filed in United Kingdom recently.

Similar case is also filed in Oregon of United States, which states Google harvested the data acquired during similar mapping expedition and the case involves more than hundred people. It has been said that there is a absence of commitment from Google side to temporarily secure the data, thus making it vulnerable to further law suits. Many international privacy firms have urged Google to increase the transparency and make the data public and allow transparent and easy investigations.