Google is keen to boost the size limit for Android apps so that developers can upload large files without any constraint.

The process of uploading apps in Android Market is considered to be quite a tricky job. Developers are not allowed to share an app having a size more than 50MB. Moreover, the entire process is time consuming that it creates problems for a user while downloading the files. To overcome this complexity, developers took a different route and gave an option to the user to access a tiny app which would later help them to download the remaining files. However, this also did not work out due to several other issues. Hence, Google has finally decided to increase the Android apps limit size from 50MB to 4GB.

In case you are going to download an app from Android server then you might come across two expansion files each having a size of 2GB. Although the size of an Android app is still 50Mb, Google gives out a way to store two expansion files on its main server. And when these files will get downloaded, the main package file will also become accessible. In addition, you would come to know the actual price associated with that particular app just prior to the downloading process. In a way, it is a great step taken by Google to obtain high-quality games, which are usually played on devices with improved hardware architecture. So, get ready to have the benefit of downloading and installing heavy games on your Android device straight from the Android Market.