How precious is the time that you spend in searching for information on Google? According to Google the average Internet user is not that “search savvy” when it comes to looking up information on the Internet. Often multiple options are not immediately given to the users to narrow into the searched information.

Since its launch, Google Instant has been a testing time for Google to figure out whether users may actually like the new concept of finding search in real time as they enter the search term. In the past week since its launch , according to Google’s survey, many users have started adapting to the new search technique. However those who do not like the new feature can easily disable it with an “ON” and “OFF” option that is displayed right next to the search field. Some of the features of Google Instant include:

  • Efficient Searches: Google Instant saves up to 2-5 seconds per search, globally that translates to 3.5 Billion seconds.
  • Efficient predictions: Search results are displayed as you key in the word for the information that needs to be retrieved.
  • Efficient results: Users do not have to wait for search results after pressing enter. Results are displayed in real time as they are keyed in the search field.