Announcing service level changes in its SLA agreement, Google was hoping to get businesses to shift away from the email technologies of Microsoft. The changes in the SLA relate to remove a pair of exceptions in the Gmail SLA that had before kept certain outage types away. Microsoft and Gmail are pitched against each other while Microsoft is expanding to offer its cloud – based email services against Google’s Gmail.

Just as one would expect the telephone to be reliable so also is the Gmail services. The SLA has been slightly altered to serve the customers with changes in the SLA towards the outage period not counted as down time. Even during downloads, there would be no outage so there would be no down time. The clause or scheduled downtime has been withdrawn and this is a good thing for the users.

The SLA is being amended for downtime during intermittence. This is not to be accounted and no such downtime is considered legitimate anymore. The average mail system compared to Gmail is 32 times slower and with outages that Gmail is so many times better than the average mail system. Also it is 46 times more available than the average mail system.

Seven minutes of down-time should compares favorably with the on premises e-mail. This which has been subjected much higher rate of disturbance that hurts employee productivity. A latest theory from the Radicati Group is that on an average the on premises e-mail worked at an average of 3to 4 hours of down-time per month.

When the contacts in Google crashed yesterday, this created Google’s second high outage in this month. It removed Gmail and Google talk, the chat services from Google which relies heavily on its contacts maintained. This comes on the heels of the 90 minutes glitch in the Google news.

Mostly, we use the free version of email relying on it most of all. However, I wonder if the Gmail services and the attendant services crash a n amount more than what other services do? If so, even for a freeware, should Gmail be held responsible? Should they maintain a high standard at all even for a freeware?

I would have a mind to say, No! So if you are not paying for it and you are caused a few hours of down time this is perfectly reasonable. It is okay to use an alternate mail service which is free and also available like Gmail. This alternate mail service can be used when there is an outage in Gmail and during a down time . The only problem is of contacts which have to be imported into the alternate system. Otherwise a down time in Gmail is perfectly reasonable to have.

However, Google mail wants its users to be treated well and have removed the down time clauses in their SLA towards providing us with a better service and capability.