comScore, one of the leading companies in the digital world released its ranking of the top most visited properties on the net in the Asian-pacific region, basing on its Media Metrix services on the month of May. There were nearly 284 million people all across the region, ranging between the ages of 15 years and older, and either accessing/ working from work or home computers in the region. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo sites topped the ranking with Google scooping over 50% of the online population. The report also revealed various brand preferences across a market made up of 13 individual countries in the region. The study compares activity across the countries with consistency on panel based measurement guaranteeing harmony in comparison.

These, together with other relevant findings were presented in comScore live webinar on Tuesday 13th July.


The findings show that an average person, regardless of age, visited the net on 14.0 days average, during the month and spent slightly over 20.0 hours visiting approximately over 2,170 pages. This, in comparison to the average global usage of 17.0 days and 25.0 hours per month and over 2,500 pages per month, indicates that the region’s usage is slightly lower than the rest of the world. According to comScore, the month witnessed 492 billion unique visitors, making an average of 1,003 minutes per visitor. Average pages per visitor were 1,780.

Top Destinations differs across countries

Among the leading companies, Google sites led in Indonesia, India, Singapore and Malaysia, while Yahoo sites led in the Far East countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Others like Tencent led in China and South Korea.

In terms of meetings and networking, Tencent Inc. was ranked the most engaging with its monthly visitors averaging 6.5 hours, consuming approximately 720 pages of content and visiting the property an average of 40 times during the month. Though slightly lower than Tencent, also observed strong engagement with its visitors spending an average of 3.5 hours on the site and visiting more than 21 times through out the month.

A nest of opportunities.

The region would present a wealth of opportunity for regional and global brands in cyberspace. This was according to comScore Executive Vice president for the Asian- Pacific, Mr. Will Hodgman. “With an average net user in the region spending nearly 17 hours a month online, brands currently not using this channel are missing a momentous opportunity to reach and engage audiences, for most brands having an online presence is no longer optional. It’s a marketing necessity.”

By carrying out the research, comScore excluded visitors from public computers such as internet cafes and smart phones.

About comScore

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a leader in measuring the digital world. Their competence is supported by over 2 million internet consumers who have given them permission to monitor their online transaction and behavior. comScore also participates in survey research enabling them to capture on their attitude and intentions. comScore measures what matters across a wide continuum of behavior, manners and characteristics through its technology. Analysts apply this deep knowledge to help clients design prevailing online and offline marketing strategies.

comScore services are used world wide by more than 700 clients with the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft, BBC, France Telecom, ESPN, AOL, Verizon, Nestlé, Financial times, Best buy, just but a few.