You must have felt this for sure as it is a common thing. What happens when you put your computer or mobile on multiple downloads? Simply there are hitches and glitches during the process. It is really a very annoying experience when the download is scattered in fragments. It is called the fragmentation. To curb this problem, there are different anti-fragmentation applications that reserve the space for the files that are being downloaded.

This way it is possible to download and enjoy all the files. When this fragmentation occurs the computer slows down because it has to jump to the related files scattered in different locations and it makes the system slower. Google has developed an anti-fragmentation technology for the Honeycomb version of Android, also known as version 3.0. The promise made by Google seems to make it possible for one to run different applications on different devices. There is a library which makes it all possible for one to run all the applications on different devices without any glitch whether it is an advanced version or it is an older version. This anti-fragmentation application is designed to work on the new and advanced honeycomb Android based Motorola XOOM, which is a tablet PC. Whether it is a large screen or it is a small one, it is possible now to run the applications.

Google has come up with this revolutionary application that is for sure going to change the face of Internet telephony. It is now possible for the gamers and all the movie and music lovers to feel the seamless and never before download experience.