Google latitude was launched somewhere in 2009 to track your mobile devices all the time. The application was meant to protect your product from being stolen. In case someone snatches the phone away from you, you can still gain access to your device by locating the mobile phone through the Google Latitude. Google latitude is certainly the application that was meant to protect your phones. Your friends will have continuous notifications of your mobile phone and its location.

The application was not able to be a part of the Apple App store for the iPhone. There had been a number of hurdles that it had to face and then finally the idea of putting the application into the Apple’s App store was cancelled. The application has now entered the official App store to be a part of your iPhone through another application.

Device locator for iPhone

Device locator that has been programmed by Ravneet Singh has finally entered the Apple’s App store recently and is expected to become one of the most successful applications of all time. The location of your iPhone is communicated to the server every time your mobile connects from one cell tower to another. You can use your browser of your mobile devices or computers to get an exact location of where your iPhone is. This application is very effective providing you with an opportunity to keep a watch on your iPhone in case it has been stolen or snatched away. The application is an excellent substitute to the MobileMe’s Find My iPhone.

How does it work?

This application gets the best advantage out of the multitasking support of your iPhone’s iOS 4. The application does not seem to be running while it is active all through the time. The description also claims that the application will certainly not come to a close even if the multitasking bar does not show the application. Another advantage that has been reported by the developer is that it does not get a lot of power to run so it does not make any difference to the battery life or performance of your iPhone’s battery.

You can even get the application integrate with you Google Latitude account and this will be an added benefit to locate your device as well as to let your friends know your location. The integration pushes updates to your Latitude account periodically so that your friends can see your location.

Device Locator also has a high battery consuming emergency mode. The emergency mode is going to update your location every minute through the GPS integrated in your phone. Google Latitude App was not accepted into the Apple’s App store last year and Google had to release a web based application for the iPhone users. With the introduction of Device Locator, you can expect to have more application into the Apple’s store. One can certainly expect Foursquare application to hit Apple’s Application store quite soon.

Device locator runs on all iPhone that are running iOS 4 because the application needs to be run on a system that allows multitasking to run in the  background.