There has been an ongoing debate on the future of the mobile application industry for the fate of the applications. Analysts are still confused if the applications are going to be native or Web-based applications. The native ones are going to reside on your device while the web-based area the application that will be running from a web server and would suit your mobile requirements to the best of their abilities. The native application also tend to be faster compared to the web based applications and they also give you functionality in the offline mode as well.

The web-based applications have an excellent future as the native applications might run short of memory to run them. Even with an application memory of 128MB, you can install a limited number of applications on your device.

Web-based applications from Google

Google has got a number of products that include Google Search and Gmail, the feel and experience that you have while surfing for these websites through your mobile devices is quite different from the one that you get while you access any site from the computer. The sites has been made in a way as to give optimized results on your mobile. The mobile phone has got nothing to do with these applications as these applications are web based and each mobile with mobile internet will come up with the same results.

Advantages of web-based applications

The web based application are excellent in a way that they do not give compatibility issues to the users and anyone across any platform can easily use the services. They are compatible across cross platforms and you would have the same feel of accessing the Facebook through your iPhone as you would have surfing the same site through your Android based Droid. The native applications designed by both Google and Apple are completely different from each other and perform different functions.

YouTube Web-app

The latest development has been made in the YouTube application. Google has recently come up with a new application for YouTube that is web-based and offer complete functionality to both the Android based phones as well as the Appleā€™s iOS based phones. The web based application has certainly highlighted all the exciting features that YouTube offers and gives you a completely different feel compared to the native application for both the platforms.

The YouTube web based application would give the same exhilarating experience to users using both the Google Android based phones as well as the Apple iOS based phones. You can term the mobile phone experience to be somewhat closer to the experience that you get on the desktop. You have large touch friendly icons compared to the miniature icons present in the applications authored officially by both the smartphone renderers. You can search for your favorite videos.

Google promises to come up with frequent updates for the web based application unlike the very few updates that arrive for the native applications on both the platforms. The application tends to give flexible advantages to users from both the platforms using Smartphones around the world. The main objective is to get them closer to their favorite video sharing channel that is said to play some 100 million videos every day.