Google will soon set another technological benchmark by allowing several communities to have high-speed Internet connections. This was planned to be released earlier this year, but Google did not specify the exact date when they would commence the trial period for its high-quality broadband network. Meanwhile, to ease the anxiety of its clients, the Internet search giant has started a website called “Fiber for Communities” so that everyone would stay informed about the upcoming products and services of Google. This website is aimed at determining what is in store for these communities. The application process has also started so that Google would know exactly where to install these high-speed networks.

Results of Fiber Network Communication

As mentioned, actual responses gained after the Fiber Network was launched were more than what Google estimated. Google received an approximately 1,200 community responses and around 200,000 individual requests. Google never thought that the response would be so overwhelming. It should not have been so shocking to Google, being the leading search engine provider worldwide. In addition to that, Google Earth and Google Chrome have also increased the popularity of Google.

Purposes of the Google Fiber-for-Communities Website

The Google Fiber community stated that this network would work as a hotspot for all fiber-network-related information and reveal the future plans of Google. This will work as a communication hub, which will cater all the ongoing policies – whether local or federal – in the field of fiber development.

The Revival of Fiber Development Industries

Fiber development has seen a little set back due to its high pricing, but with the Google community taking the initiative, the fiber industry is likely to witness a revival in demand. Google has also put up videos showing how eager people are with the launch of these communities. They also made it a point that these trail communities will help them work better for all the other communities to come and join this project. This process of getting feedbacks before the actual launch only shows that Google is determined to make this project a great success even before it is created and released into the market. If you think that the connection speed will be a problem with such high responses then it’s better to mention that Google will decide at the year’s end which parts of the country will have the benefits of such high speed broadband with 1Gb/s speed. Who else could have thought of starting this process other than Google of course?

The Future of the Fiber Project

Soon, a new era of communication will start, with the installments of these high-speed networks. The fiber communication has always promised to provide better connectivity, and Google is there to prove a point. The only drawback is that Google will not launch these networks everywhere in the country. These networks will only benefit a few lucky cities. Everyone is waiting for the launch of these communities in reality. Let us just wait and watch what difference these networks will make.