Google has built a new platform which will benefit most of the Apps administrators’ user policy management. It took a long time to come into market and is the most important feature that creates Google Apps efficiently. Moreover, it is useful for business development too.

Google Apps Directory Synchronization

Administrators can categorize users in easier method into separate units. The structure can be constructed which has the same appearance in the Microsoft’s active directory. Targeting users in this style provides flexibility to the users so that they can have a command on the respective application that every user can access. For instance, the administrator can decide the priority access to one of the groups while refusing it to the other group.

The Google Enterprise Blog stated that organizations can take advantage of policy management by the user. A company can check the pilot Apps by providing access to the users prior to giving higher margin deployment.  Google informed that the user policy management may be useful for helping customers in their transitions to Google Apps. For instance, a company may inherit the features of products provided by Microsoft for sending e-mails and messaging; simultaneously they may include the Google documents and their affiliated tools.

The Google Apps Directory synchronization will be the same for the companies that exist with Lightweight Directory access Protocol organization structure or possess Active Directory.

Users can independently work on organizational units by inheriting the features of Google Apps Application Programming interface. The organizational units with active directory take the confirmation from the head section of the organizational units. Therefore, if an administrator generates a number of organizational units and keeps the individual branches’ permission as it is, the organizational units will have the same priority as that of the extreme top level management.

Application Features

The new feature of the Google’s new user policy management is readily available in the market for the users, in the forms of Education edition and Premier edition, at no extra cost. The users who belong to Standard edition can have individual organizational unit and thus they can have the access to the services provided by each unit.

The launching of user policy management for Google app is a superb comeback by Google so that they can gather, create and let the users avail the facility to buy them.

The users may be same as those who are making use of Google Apps. There will be challenge for other route developers to build these apps. There is still confusion whether there will be complimentary apps sponsored.

It is not as such difficult to build particular applications into Google apps. They are exploring a number of application programming interfaces. For example, single sign-on falls into this category. The price is around $100 that developers have to pay in order to log into their account and for accessing these tools. This will make it easy to provide the application to the business partners at beneficial price. So, it is clear that they can sell their application product.

The developers can earn an extra amount. The concept is very similar to the “app store” where we can find out information on many of the mobile devices and can make use of that to reapply to the web based applications. By providing such tools, Google has proven that it is a easy method for multipurpose applications and it is more useful for the end users. They can get easy access for these apps.