The introduction of a utility command line by Google for accessing diverse services like calendar, Google Docs, Blogger, Youtube and contacts has created a ripple among the tech freaks. Gadget freaks obsessed with text-interface have responded to this invention happily. The coders just love this amazing product. Google is flooded with thank you messages and positive responses. Some people just couldn’t believe that this is actually happening. The application is simply awesome and the feedback is cent percent positive.

Google CL

Now let’s take a look at what Google CL is.It is a kind of Python application which makes use of the “gdata Python client resources in order to formulate Google data (API) calls from command line. Presently the application supports Calendar, Contacts, Google docs, You Tube, picassa and Blogger. Just imagine how it feels when you can browse or revise your blog or videos or calendar without bowing down to the point of GUI Interface. Have you ever tried uploading a folder filled with photographs from command prompt to Picassa. Google tried doing so and finally came up with the required command.


A programme was written and a lot more was done. The Google CL is open source and is hosted by Google Code. Once downloading the application is complete you can also enjoy a variety of command lines. The entire project is lined towards Linux. Moreover   a tar archive for downloading and a Linux.deb package is also being offered by Google. But some independent developer named Isaac Truett, is providing instructions with which you can put the tool to use on Windows. There are a variety of blogspots and websites where you can get the instructions for setting up Google CL on Windows XP. Once you go through the entire instruction set you can easily set up the wizard on your operating system.

Some user had actually updated on Reddit that Google CL is available through Macports as well. The commands are again available on the blogs and forums run by the geeks and technocrats. It is unbelievable but it works as most of the technology lovers have admitted. It’s a continuous method. It might happen that you are not successful in downloading this application for the first time. Try out the instructions of Truett if you are unable to get it in the Google way. This is a fascinating technological application and it will be of great use. So, try installing it and you will find a whole new world to explore.