Google maps satellite imagery, which is not a real-time application, but could be many days / months / years old, is prevalent in quite a few parts of the world based on various factors like demand, political transparency / non-transparency is basically high resolution, aerial photography imagery. Using Java, the grid squares on Google maps are downloaded and inserted on the specific search page. Additionally script insertion tools like the popular Grease Monkey, Location Co-ordinates and metadata etc. are used by the Google core engine to translate the Google map imagery with identifiable local location indexes, to help the user easily track his location.

A lot of providers have tried to make available similar facilities like Bing maps, Mapquest, Yahoo maps, OVI maps, OpenStreetMaps and many others, but as of today the most popular and considered the more reliable of the lot is still the Google maps. Although full extra functionality is available in quite a few areas for Google maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing maps, factors like Directory listing, dynamic search results based on map-dragging, 3D mode, public transport integration, wheelchair directions, bicycle directions, contact integration, Wi-Fi location and many such features have only been successfully  implemented by Google maps.

A typical Blackberry user actually loves this particular Google maps feature available on all Blackberry units, for quite some time now.  With the Android revolution underway, of course, Google has been rather slow in implementation of various updates required, for successful use of the Google maps on Blackberry, in comparison to the web based Google map App. After October, 2010, the next update in February 2011 from 4.5.1 version to 4.5.2 version has been a rather long delay. Bug fixes, feature updates and name-it-all has really been long overdue. Google has finally introduced the 4.5.2 update for the Blackberry, but with no change log published along with it. This is one irritating factor that many a user faces, not knowing what has been updated.