Technology has evolved to reach such a stage that the entire world is now at your finger tips. Internet united diverse cultures and marked a new beginning of civilization. Similarly, various technological applications have made life faster, easier and more comfortable. Google maps are one such application which has helped us to stay connected with each other. Facebook is yet another wonderful addition to the long list of miraculous scientific inventions. When extraordinary inventions combine, the effect is worth watching. That’s the case with Google maps and Facebook.

Integration with Facebook

Google maps are now all over Facebook. Now you can not only connect with your friend by sharing messages, news and views but you can also locate your friend’s location sitting in a cozy corner of your house. If this sounds interesting, try out the new application today. AskOkulu is an amazing application which can make your Facebook profile all the more animated and interesting. AskOkulu is a networking community on Google maps. The moment you are a member of this community by adding the specified application, your profile picture gets added to Google Maps. Then you can easily search for the people, some country, or members speaking a specific language on the map itself.

When you are a member of Google Maps, by using this application you can chat with your friends on different social networking communities like Facebook. You can also save your favorite location by adding this application. You can also share the locations with your online friends. AskOkulu uses Google street view to showcase a panorama of favored locations. If you want to add some information about a particular place, you can easily add a note.


Online Game freak? Here is some good news for you, as AskOkulu also offers provides an opportunity to play online games. Google Maps has a game called King or Queen which can be played by any member who has added this application. This particular game is full of battles, diplomacy and territory. Google Maps show where the players are located. You can invite your friends to play this game whenever both of you are online. Then you can obviously take up the Google Maps challenge. The Maps challenge is an amazing Facebook game where one has to recognize a series of satellite images of some of the most popular locations of the world within 60 seconds.

If you want to share your location with your Facebook friends then “Use a Map” is a good application. Select your location by dragging a pin on Google Maps and share it with all your friends. You can also know the location of all your Facebook friends by using this application. Try using the map motive and you will simply be bewildered by its magical functions. By adding this application you will automatically know the location of all your friends on Google Maps. The best thing is that you can share the location of an event or party with your friends on Google Maps by using this application. The Social Mine application is more detailed and will help you to know the location, gender, relationship status and many interesting things about your friends.