There have been many rumors that Google is building its own social network “Google me”, which is the attempt of the company to bring one competitor of Facebook. Is it possible that the biggest search engine of the company fights with the biggest social networking website? If these speculations are considered to be true then it is just possible that the social network by Google would arrive soon.

Roots of the rumor

This rumor was started by the Kevin Rose, who is the co-founder of Digg, said in a tweet that there is a rumor about the new social network by Google and also used the words that it is from a very credible source. Rose gossiped that Google has its plans for launching Google Me in the near time. There were no details about the plans but the tech pundits have turned the 101 characters of Rose into more elaborated plans.

What is Google me about

Most of the people are thinking that what Google Me is all about. One famous guess for this is that it would be the expansion of the Google Profiles, which represents how you would appear on Google. Currently, there is not much personal information delivered by Google Profiles and also they do not broadcast much of the information but it can do so.

Google and you

If you think for a moment that how many features of Google you use and based upon that how much information does Google contain about you depending on those apps. In order to combine all of those in a single web site and then transforming them to a social experience can be a really breezy process not only for Google but also for you. Google would do everything for you and you would not have to lift your finger for anything.

Google’s social network after Google Buzz

Due to huge privacy concerns as well as the lack of interest, Google Buzz failed. Buzz had been released with the opt-out feature, which means that one day people would get up and see all of their contacts to be splashed out on the web. Google had apologized and also panicked for the judgment made by the company. A lot of effort would be required by the company for launching another social networking web site.


Infosyncworld also sees that Google Me would also run on the mobile phones specially the ones that have the Android operating system of Google running on them. The location based tracking can be a part of Google Me and as Google has already Latitude so this makes much sense that people would be able to use Google me as a service which would be used for knowing I know where you currently are and what are you doing. This social network would not be just like the regular social networks and can be taken as the immense productivity suite. Google Wave can also be integrated with Google Me. You must pay attention to this thing that according to Google, incorporation is considered to be the key to success.