It is not the first time that Google had tried to penetrate into the social networking world. Orkut and the much recent Google Buzz did not take the world by force like Facebook managed to do. Google is getting all their best brains in getting a new social networking website under the name Google Me to give a tough run to the fellow competitors like Facebook. Will Google finally triumph on the third attempt, only time shall tell?

Priority number 1

Once Google realised that Google Buzz, which was launched in the beginning of the year, was not getting the attention they hoped for, primarily because Google Buzz was just a layer added to Gmail. There were several privacy issues concerning the network and was not able to provide any thing new to the users that Facebook or Twitter failed to fill the gap. The so-called open secret about the Google’s first-class social network (some say the framework is modelled off from Facebook) is priority number one for the company. Google’s research team is looking into the current trends within the social networking world and analysing the drawbacks and successes within the well performing sites, at the same time drawing lessons from their own failed attempts; incorporating into making what they think would be a first-class social networking website and the company is developing the product under the management of younger project managers. The new Google Me will have thoroughly developed user experience interface.

Facebook’s thoughts

Google Me is both a possible breakthrough in social networking and is fully intended to slow down facebook’s growth. When Facebook was launched a few years ago, it was expected it to be an instant hit, but experts predicted the growth will slow at the same rate as it grew. However, Facebook still stands as the top social networking system along with Twitter and the number of hits and members is steadily growing. Adam D’Angelo, the Chief technology officer and Quora co-founder did confirm that they do think Google is planning to keep Facebook growth at bay, and the Google is scared of Facebook’s growth.

Win or Loose

Facebook had launched their new Open Graph, which is map interconnected by people over the net in April this year; this new Facebook program was not happily welcomed by Google. Since with the Open Graph, Facebook network would double more quickly and lets its members index the web with a use of specific searching system; this threatens the possible Google’s Google Me. Also Facebook now is a strong a web-wide brand advertising network, more than just a social network.

Google, who has always been few steps ahead of the other technology companies and set high benchmark for fellow competitors, never took social networking as a priority. They only had Orkut, which was fairly successful, but slowly drilled down as other competitors bought in better and more user capturing sites, especially Facebook. Since social networking is must have today and force that Google would need to be able have a healthy share of all possible what the web and Internet can offer.