Google’s launching of a music store in the future was apparent by the chance that a new option was spotted by users on a phone with Android 2.3. The option was that of data and synchronization screen with a name called ‘Sync Music’. One of the readers of Gismo Fusion found it out and suggested that Google Music is an inbound service. It is anticipated that Android consumers will be able to download albums and singles as well as applications and games. This new Sync feature is along the side of sync contacts option.

So with all versions of Android getting a version of the Sync feature, it would maximize impact and income of the Google music store. There have been rumors since the past 6 months of an Android fused music store by Google on the basis of a new leaked screenshot that this may be targeted at the next release of Android OS.

Even if there is no music store, an on air synchronization could be a great feature. Sometime back in May, at Google I/O show, there was a mention made of Android users being able to stream music from their desktop to their phones. This facility could well also enable a way to sync music and playlists. If you are looking for a good music service, apart from Napster which offers purchases on credit with your subscription price or Rhapsody is good since they offer music on Android applications. However, these cannot be loaded on to your previous generation iPod.

We may well wait and see if the rumors about Google’s Sync Music store are going to become a feat of reality and then simply subscribe to the service and use it to download some good music. Every service, it seems, has a downside that makes it not worth it for someone like me, who enjoys his music on different devices. We would have to wait and see how much the rumors can be true.