Google has taken its time to arrive at this phone’s very first introduction. The phone was built by HTC in cooperation with Google and is fully equipped with the latest version of Android operating system 2.1.The Nexus comes with its exquisite mix of power precision which makes it great such a great phone. It has fine specs quality which includes its 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 512MB RAM. Loading up pages doesn’t take long; no pause effect seemed to occur. It has an Apple-Iphone Matching browser which brings about the rapid boot up of certain web pages. Multi Tasking appears to be fairly convenient. This feature comes greatly supported in this phone model.

Compared to other smart phones, this phone’s multi tasking ability is handier. The phone’s OS seem to make all the traits of its being outstanding and all, the touch screen is highly responsive and over all, everything worked as smooth as we all wanted. The phone’s AMOLED screen is exceptionally bright and gorgeous enough to bring-about the most pleasurable entertainment in phones.

The AMOLED screen’s brightness doesn’t seem to change unless it is suspended into bright sunlight. It has excellent contrast with vibrant bold colors which project images as vivid as it can be. And videos produced are quite decent. Several cool Web browsers work smooth and easy, and the LED flash camera takes decent pictures although the battery life is just as acceptable.

This phone seems to bag up all the good qualities I always seem to look for when browsing phones. And judging by the looks of this one, I might say, The Nexus One is not that bad at all, compared to the other phones. The phone excels in terms of hardware and software issues and as a matter of fact, it is the best Android phone up to now. The phones speed and superb abilities of multitasking out links the abilities of the iPhone 3GS, but it doesn’t clearly drop the iPhone models down, it’s just that the Nexus has features that stand more accurately than the others. The RAM’s great capacity helps the phone to lay more acceptable performances on every task. Google’s coming up with this model seems to be worth the qualities created anyway.

Some people say the screen estates of both iPhone and Nexus are similar but the statement doesn’t show the mere truth. The iPhone has a 3.5” LCD screen whereas the Nexus has a 3.7 OLED screen. OLED is better than LCD since it is thinner and sharper, not to mention it has better contrast. The phone has piped to be the world’s must-have smart phone of 2010. The phone seems to climb the first rung of the ladder of its verdict of taking over the world of gadgets. Judging by the way the New Nexus has been, I really think it is the kind of phone that people would much likely be placing their interests at.The phone has great qualities from the design down to the specs. The features are brilliant and I couldn’t say more about its bad side.