Although it may be a bit shocking to find out that a whole country has decided to ban the services of Google, it is actually very true. Turkey’s Telecommunications Communication Presidency has released an official statement regarding having to block Google’s IP addresses due to legal purposes.

The thing is, all statements that have been released fail to mention whether or not the banning policies stand permanently or only for a temporary timeframe until the dust settles. Now, if you are situated in Turkey and make an attempt at accessing Google’s services, you will be redirected to a message that says “Access to this site is banned by court order.”

For the benefit of everyone, here are the Google’s addresses that have been banned by Turkey’s authorities:

  •, and

The banning began only in the fourth of June this year. Additionally, YouTube also has history of being banned in Turkey back in the year 2007. And, unfortunately for the people of Turkey, the banning policies finally became permanent in May of year 2008. However, if you still act stubbornly and type YouTube.Com in the site location, you will be shown the message: “Access to has been permanently suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/384 dated 06.03.2007 of Istanbul First Criminal Peace Court.”

The main reason why YouTube was initially put under the microscope was because of the alleged videos that housed multiple insults towards the founder of the Turkish Republic named Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

This very same experience by YouTube is the same thing that is being experienced by Google right now. Google has made their attempts at figuring out the source of this result by communicating with the authorities of Turkey saying that the banning of the world’s largest search engine might have just been an accident. To date, Google’s investigative team is still trying to determine the root cause of all this.

Some reports have stated that the main reason why Turkey decided to ban Google was largely related to issues that involve tax matters. According to a report released by Bloomberg, the Minister of Turkey’s communications department contacted Google to register as one of the country’s taxpayers, as it would hasten a development towards lifting the ban on YouTube.

For those who do not know, YouTube is actually a taxpayer in around twenty different nations. Turkey is merely concerned in making the said site also a taxpayer in their own country.

Upon responding to Turkey’s call, Google reiterated that they do not operate any servers whatsoever within Turkey. But, this does not mean that they are not doing anything about their skirmish with Turkey because they are still trying to resolve the problem with the Turkish Government. Google is confident that they will soon be able to fix everything with Turkey’s authorities, as they have given their word that they will be complying with the country’s set of laws. In fact, Google has established that they will be reporting profits in Turkey that are appropriate for the activities that are related to Google’s Turkish operations.